Pongaroa Fuel Stop Press information

Pongaroa Fuel Stop Time line

29th of October  2015 the Community appointed a committee to look into restoring fuel supplies to the village

1st December 2016 - The Fuelstop Committee delivers an update to the community

19th February 2017 - Fuel Stop Committee AGM

10th April 2017 - The grass is sprayed in preparation for work to start.

17th May 2017 - The front fence is removed and a container has been place to serve as the site office

22nd May 2017 - The official start ceremony

23rd May 2017 - Work starts with local contractors – excavation and back filling with compacted aggregate

24th May 2017 - Bricks from a septic tank are found probably originating from the brick factory the town once had. Old bottles and other artefacts are found and kept for the historic record.

9th June 2017 - Petrotec and Morris & Bailey begin construction and laying infrastructure

29th June 2017 - The first concrete is delivered by Allied Concrete from Masterton

5th July 2017 - The second concrete delivery and the forecourt is delivered from Prenters Ready Mixed Concrete Lt, Dannevirke.

10th July 2017 - The sign is erected

12th July 2017 - The two fuel tanks are delivered.

18th July 2017 - The main concrete laying is completed.

26th July 2017 - The lighting, pumps and card reader are installed.

17th August 2017 - Power is connected to the boundary

3rd October 2017 - Electricity Meter is installed

6th October 2017 - Woking bee to clean up site and adjoining village green

14th October 2017 - Official opening


A pictorial record, that has free to use and full sized images of the construction phase can be found at our Flickr pages