The Site

The Site

 18th May 2017 The fence has been removed and a container has been place next to the village green.

22nd May 2017 The official start ceremony

The digger is in position

The Pongaroa residents assemble

The Pongaroa Fuel Stop Committee, the Deputy Mayor of the Tararua District and the representative of Allied Fuel gather.

The official ground breaking with the official spade.

The Pongaroa Early Years entertain the crowd.

23rd May 2017 Work starts

The topsoil is stripped away.

24th May 2017 Work continues

Something found in the clay level

An old septic tank with bricks that probably came from the old brick factory that once stood where the hall now is.

Old bottles and some other artifacts have been found.

25th May 2017 A detailed view

A scoop of clay is removed ...

While fill is delivered from a nearby quarry.

26th May 2017 Making good progress

The excavation is complete and most of the fill has been delivered and compacted.

28th May Sunday is a day of rest

Front loader and roller on compacted fill surface

The machines are sitting on the flat and compacted fill.

The village green with flax bushes removed

The village green is also being remodeled with the old flax bushes being replaced.

Not Dated

An artist's impression of the site when it is finished.

Loading fill from the quarry for the fuel stop site.

9th June 2017

An old-timer truck and petrol pump on the site of the modern fuel stop.

The fine fill is being added and the dias, at the back, where the tankes will go is being formed.

14th June 2017

Boxing ready for concret pouring

16th June 2017

A separator ready for installation

Drains are being installed.

19th June 2017

Steel reenforcing ready to unload on the site.

20th June 2017

Excavating for the separator, cables and pipes. The boxing for the sign is ready for concrete pouring.

21st June 2017

The separator for spilled fuel and oil is in place.

22nd June 2107

The shape of the drive through is layed out.

24th June 2017

Trenches for cables and pipes are dug and the placement of the fuel pumps is to be seen.

Local firms are being used where possible.

29th June 2017

Allied bought concrete from its own depot in Masterton.

The first pour is for the platform that will hold the fuel tanks.

2nd July 2017

The fule tank platform at the back and at the front is the plinth for the Allied Pongaroa Fuel Stop sign.

4th July 2017

Men preparing for a concrete pour for the forecourt

The guys are preparing for the next concret pour which will make the forecourt.

5th July 2017

The second concrete delivery and the forecourt is lhere.

6th July 2017

The concrete forecourt is now in place and the infrastructure for the pumps and payment machine are ready.

7th July 2017

The steel reinforcing is down ready for the next concrete delivery.

10th July 2017

The sign has been erected

12th July 2017

The tanks are delivered.

The tanks are in place

18th July 2017

The main concrete laying is complete.

26th July 2017

The lighting, pumps and card reader being installed.

28th July 2017

Everything looks to be in place.